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The largest website we`ve built and have kept upgrading since 2007. Thanks to our creative take on our client`s excellent ideas, Lovec pokladu managed to build a strong community of users and metal detector enthusiasts, which made our website number one in the realm of metal detectors and their accessories.

  • 7 years of cooperation
  • Build the brand from ground zero to the biggest seller of metal detectors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Unique crowdsourcing web application
  • Extensive e-shop
  • Daily attracts 5000 visitors
  • Ranked 9th in the 2013 survey Kristalova lupa on the most interesting web of the year

How we achieved it?

Responsive design with an archaic feel

Website visitors are mostly history and archeology lovers, who do not tend to be the biggest fans of modern, minimalistic design. This has not changed since 2007 when we started. But as anyone else they want information to be readily available in any device, including a mobile phone. Step by step we worked our way towards current ( „mobile-first responsive design”).

History Hunters – crowdsourcing application to identify found objects.

Task: find a way to help users of metal detectors to identify their findings.

Our solution: Our solution: in 2013 we designed and programmed a crowdsourcing application for called Lovci historie (History Hunters). thanks to which both amateurs and archeologists help each other identify other people`s findings.

What makes our crowdsourcing application unique?

Anyone can post their unidentified object to History Hunters section and get help from others. In principle, the application collects users` votes on which category a given object belongs to and then picks the most probable correct one.

Lovci Historie

For every correct vote users receive points which increase their experience rank (gamification). Not only this system helps users with identification, it also provides archeologists from Czech museums the opportunity to keep a track of what is being found on the territory of the Czech Republic. History Hunters include, among other things, an extensive catalogue of historical coins.

Highlights from the 1st year after the launch (launched in December 2012):

  • 25 000 findings uploaded by users (600% increase)
  • 130 000 votes votes to help identify objects (should we imagine that one vote takes a minute user`s time, than users worked 1800 hours for free, which is approximately 8 hours of work every day - voluntarily for someone else and for free)
  • 10% increase increase in the number of visitors
  • The website attracts international visitors despite lacking other language mutations (Czech version only)
  • It created an opportunity for a possible cooperation with Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
Lovci Historie

PPC campaigns and optimization for shopping websites

  • We manage PPC advertising campaign in Google AdWords and Seznam Sklik.
  • We optimize XML feeds for shopping websites, actively engaging in creating new categories on
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Marek Mlejnský

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