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Application development for IT competitions

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For the German organization Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. we have prepared a registration and login interface for their BYTE Challenge project, which is a German national portal with IT courses and competitions for pupils and students.


  • Develop application according to a prototype.
  • Let client be able to maintain the project.


  • Registration of classes, students, approval by teachers and parents, connection to Moodle.
  • Zero "vendor-lock".

How we achieved it?

First, during the initial consultations on the prototype of the application, we clarified exactly the required functionality.

The client wanted to be sure that another programmer could take over the maintenance of the application. So we suggested to use one of the most widely used PHP frameworks, Symfony, granted the client access to our Git repository and set the application to run on the client's server.

The application was completed on time and we continue to expand it according to the client's requirements and wishes.

Stefan Byte

Stefan HildebrandBYTE challenge

For the growth of BYTE Challenge in 2022, we needed a custom-tailored web application which respects all the existing interfaces and is easily extendable and maintainable. We chose NetMagnet s.r.o. in a comprehensive search for web development companies as they show the deepest understanding of our wishes right from the first contact, are very flexible with the frameworks and interfaces and have the best understanding of software security of all candidates. As a result, we've got a beautiful, data privacy conformant web app, for very fair pricing, in astonishingly fast development cycles. Not only shows the web page a lot of love, attention to the details and is very beautiful. We also went through the database schema with all its foreign keys, built-in checks and extremely clear structure. I think, I have never seen such a well-tailored database structure. Also, we are very thankful that you went the whole design process together with us, thinking through all the processes and reshaping them until they all now are easily understandable and simple to follow as a user. NetMagnet really makes us "Ready for the future"!

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