Krumlov Tower

A complete web re-design for an exceptional accommodation

Krumlov Tower is a stylish, modern hotel situated in the remains of a fortification tower from the 15th century. Once Krumlov Tower changed its owner and underwent a complete reconstruction, it needed a new website that would faithfully reflect its regained charm, as well as an online booking system.

Our goals:

  • Attract international clientele
  • Create a new visual to make the website more attractive
  • Design a simple, fully-automated online reservation system

    How we achieved it?

    Změna jména Penzionu ve věži na


    The tower has been used for accommodation purposes since 1990, but with the new owner came the need for re-branding. With international clientele being the main target group, we renamed original Pension ve věži as Krumlov Tower (Krumlovska věž) to make it stand out among its competition, creating a mental association with the historical castle tower of Cesky Krumlov.

    Prezentace pro Prezentace pro

    Unique Design

    We always strive to understand our client`s vision first to faithfully transform it to a new design. At the beginning we collected various inspiration, design elements and a number of different solutions that resonated with our idea for a solution. Once we presented our vision to the client and brainstormed together, we created the basic structure of the website.

    Prototyp designu Prototyp designu

    Brand Visual

    As a vital part of our rebranding efforts, we decided to come up with a new visual that would represent the new face of Krumlov Tower. The entire new design evolves around the feeling of historical legacy combined with the luxury of modern times.

    Fonty Fonty


    We felt that the combination of Sorts Mill Goudy and Montserrat meet our artistic purpose (poznámka: what purpose? please elaborate).

    Barvy Barvy

    Colors and Illustrations

    All the colors were chosen carefully to match photos of the interior. The illustrations took inspiration in historical motifs that are now combined with icons of a modern design.

    Tvorba loga Tvorba loga


    The only thing that our client wished to preserve from the old visual was the old logo`s illustration of the tower. In response, we prepared a serious of variations on the original logotype to suit the new graphic visual.


    Responsive mobile design

    Given the new target audience of international clientele, a fast and user-friendly mobile version of the website was our priority.

    Integration of the reservation system

    As Krumlov Tower enables booking through multiple sites such as and AirBnB, it was necessary to find a way to synchronize all the external booking sites with client`s own online reservation system. We decided for Xotelia solution from French developers, which enables the owners to manage all their bookings from, for example, a single mobile device.

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