Wiseman Free Tour

New website for original guided tours

Donation based, free tours is a brand new concept that came to Cesky Krumlov in 2014 and as such it needed to attract its customers.

As a solution, we created a website WisemanFreeTour.com WisemanFreeTour.com together with a reservation system, accompanied by supporting printed materials.

How we achieved it?

Wiseman Free Tour

Responsive Web Design

Our target group are tourists who arrive at Cesky Krumlov and often use smartphones or tablets as they travel around. Our aim was thus to code a website that would enable convenient use on any mobile device. The solution was a responsive design (mobile website) which continually adjusts to the screen while browsing.

As the centerpiece of our design we used large photos of Cesky Krumlov`s historical center, which remains the lead tourist attraction.

Tour Reservation System

Once we analyzed our client`s needs, we developed a unique reservation system, which allows to manage tours as well as to assign a selling point for tickets. Or, customers may book and pay for their tickets directly on the website for a tourof their choice and receive a voucher as a confirmation. So far we have received only positive feedback on the system and we look forward to implement it further :-)

Wiseman Free Tour

Attractive Printed Materials

In addition to the website, we also designed business cards, posters and flyers with a memorable, attractive motif. On the backside, we put a stylized map of Cesky Krumlov to help tourists better orientate in the town.

Wiseman Free Tour

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